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MCFARES Coalition

In the summer of 2018, the Michigan FASD Task Force met for a 3-year strategic planning session. As part of this strategic planning process, it was decided by task force members that MCFARES and the FASD Task Force should merge, to increase efficiency of the two groups. The FASD task force became the "coalition arm" of MCFARES, tasked with addressing 4 specific goal areas consistent with MCFARES' broader mission of helping to tie together information, services, and supports for individuals with an FASD and their families.

The Task Force goals for the coming 3-year cycle include:

  • Goal 1 focused on increasing dissemination of information and resources to citizens in Michigan

  • Goal 2 focused on MCFARES rebranding

  • Goal 3 focused on the development of resources and supports for youth and young adults

  • Goal 4 focused on FASD advocacy, including prevention of FASDs

The taskforce meets quarterly to advance these goals. If you or your organization would like to join the MCFARES Coalition, please contact Charisse Cossu-Kowalski at

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