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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) are a collection of medical conditions that are a result of a mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Individuals with an FASD can have a range of physical and developmental issues which can adversely affect the person's ability to learn, manage behavior, and participate in social, academic, or employment opportunities. FASDs are preventable and the effects of an FASD are lifelong.

There is an ever-growing number of resources online and in local communities to help individuals with an FASD and their families develop knowledge and skills about FASDs. Below are links to basic information about FASD, including extensive resources on diagnosis, intervention, and prevention.


FASD Information

FASD is a complex medical condition that affects behavior, learning, and physical development. Click here to find out specifics about the disorder.

Diagnosis of an FASD involves a very specific medical and development assessment protocol. In addition, there are a number of disorders that have similar characteristics to FASD that require diagnosticians to differentially diagnose appropriately.  

Receiving a diagnosis of an FASD is just the start. Finding appropriate interventions and supports for individuals with an FASD can help make the difference in long-term outcomes. Discover ways you can support someone you love or find supports for yourself.

FASD is a significant lifelong disability that is preventable. Discover ways you can reduce the impact of FASD in society.

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