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What's working in FASD?:

Interventions that are making a difference

Fetal alcohol/neurobehavioral conditions (FA/NB):

A brief introduction to a brain-based approach

Diane Malbin

A Look at Pathways to Hope

HaysKids and MOFAS

Proven and promising interventions for children with FASD

NOFAS Webinar

Evidence-based and Promising Interventions for FASD

Developments in FASD Research

(interventions strategies for FASD)

The approach to behaviors associated with FASD

Dr. Dan Dubovsky, POPFASD

Receiving a diagnosis of an FASD is just the start. Finding appropriate interventions and supports for individuals with an FASD can help make the difference in long-term outcomes. Discover ways you can support someone you love or find supports for yourself below.

Additional Supportive Practices and Programs

Creating a brain-friendly life

Strategies for improving outcomes

Dr. Dubovsky, POPFASD

Treatment strategies for individuals with FASD

Dr. David Wargowski

Supports not consequences parenting


What parents need to know about FASD and concrete vs. abstract thinking


Why typical behavioral approaches may not work

Nathan Ory, POPFASD

Areas of Interest in Intervention for FASD

The importance of movement in attention and learning

Cris Rowan

Adaptive functioning and FASD

Rewards and consequences

Dr. Dan Dubovsky, POPFASD

Medical Management of FASD

Nutritional intervention for neurodevelopment in FASD

Dr. Wozniak, NOFAS Webinar

Medication management in FASD

Intervention and Support Resources in Michigan

Resources for Children with Multiple Disabilities (University of Michigan Social Work)


Addressing FASDs in Michigan’s early intervention system (Michigan Early On)


Special Olympics Michigan: sport opportunities for children/adults with disabilities, including FASD; statewide by region 


Camp Zip: recreational and skill training options for adults with disabilities, Canton, MI

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