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FASD in the legal system


Is it true there are a lot of FASD cases in the criminal justice system?

Dr. Rana Mukherjee

When someone with fetal alcohol is arrested: What you need to know

NOFAS webinar

Fetal alcohol and the law: Part 1

Fetal alcohol and the law: Part 2

Alcohol & Me: Michael Jeffrey

Judge in Alaska Addressing FASD in the Court

Basic FASD and Justice Information

FASD and criminal justice

William Edwards; NOFAS

What corrections needs to know about FASD

Equal Justice and FASD

Individuals with an FASD have a higher chance of involvement with the justice system. Because of this, many families and professionals are finding ways to appropriately address the needs of individuals with an FASD in the justice system.

Juvenile Justice and FASD

Other FASD and Justice Considerations

FASD and criminal victimization

Kathy and Karli Mitchell; NOFAS

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