Prevention of FASD

FASD is a significant lifelong disability that is preventable. Discover ways you can reduce the impact of FASD in society.

FASD: A prevention conversation

Alberta, Canada

What level of alcohol is safe to drink during pregnancy?

Dr. Raja Mukherjee

FASD is 100% preventable

Mental Health Trust

Setting the stage: FASD and its prevention

Dr. Sterling Clarren

CDC takes on fetal alcohol syndrome with new warning

FASD...Pregnant? Think! Don't Drink.

Basic Prevention Information

Drinking During Pregnancy

Can you predict who is at risk from alcohol exposure in pregnancy?

Dr. Raja Mukherjee

Expectant Mothers

FASD awareness for women of child-bearing age

I had one binge at Christmas, should I be worried?

Dr. Raja Mukherjee

Other Prevention Considerations

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