School Resources for FASD

Children with an FASD have  unique challenges that interface with the school environment. Learn more about how to help a child or family be successful academically. 

School Resources for FASD
Michigan FASD Resources

Michigan FASD Resources

Michigan has a variety of resources available to families and individuals with an FASD. Learn more about organizations or groups who can provide support and guidance.

Families and FASD

Families of individuals with an FASD face a wide variety of challenges across the lifespan. Comes explore the role of family in the support of those with an FASD.

Criminal Justice and FASD

Equal Justice and FASD

Individuals with an FASD have a higher chance of involvement with the justice system. Because of this, many families and professionals are finding ways to appropriately address the needs of individuals with an FASD in the justice system.

Brain and Physical Involvement with FASD

Alcohol is a teratogen that can significantly affect brain and physical development, depending on the timing and dosing of exposure in utero. Learn more here about how the brain and body develop in response to alcohol exposure.

Adolescents and Adults with an FASD

Adolescents and Adults with an FASD

Because an FASD is a lifelong disability, there are unique issues that arise in adolescence and adulthood, from diagnosis to services and supports.

Secondary Disabilities to FASD

Secondary Disabilities and

Co-Occurring Issues with FASD

There are also developmental issues that frequently co-occur with FASD. In particular, when there is a mismatch between child/adult needs and their environment, individuals with an FASD are at risk for developing secondary mental health and behavioral disorders.

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