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School Resources for FASD

Children with an FASD have unique challenges that interface with the school environment. Learn more about how to help a child or family be successful academically. 

Basic Educational Information

School: Learning and teaching styles

Setting the stage: FASD and its prevention

Dr. Sterling Clarren

Specific Classroom Skills Affected by FASD

Educational Strategies and Programs for Children with an FASD

Students with FASD: Simple strategies for behavioral and academic success

NOFAS webinar

Supporting students with FASD

What's working in FASD? Interventions that are

making a difference


Triumph: Educating students with an FASD

Sister Suzette Fisher; Double Arc Toledo

Evidence-based school-based interventions with students affected by FASD

6 Things Educators and School Staff Should Know About FASD

Nate Sheets

FASD and practice: Issues for school administrators

Common strengths of students with FASD

Dr. Dan Dubovsky (POPFASD)

Other Educational Considerations

Students like me: 9-part series on FASD in education

(Filmed in Michigan!)

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