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Secondary Disabilities and Co-Occurring Issues with FASD

There are a number of developmental issues that can co-occur with FASD. In particular, when there is a mismatch between child/adult needs and their environment, individuals with an FASD are at risk for developing secondary mental health and behavioral disorders.

The interface of FASD and co-occurring issues

Dr. Dan Dubovsky, NOFAS webinar

FASD: Secondary disabilities

Anne Russell; RFFADA

Basic Information

Mental health disorders and FASD

Dr. Dan Dubovsky, POPFASD

Mental health problems in individuals with PAE and FASD

FASD and mental health

Anne Russell; RFFADA

FASD and mental health treatment: A multimodal approach to transgenerational issues

Dr Kieran O'Malley; Alberta, Canada

Reactive attachment disorder and FASD: a bio-psychosocial model for diagnosis and treatment

Mental and Behavioral Health Issues and FASD

FASD and conduct disorder

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