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Adolescents and Adults with an FASD


Because an FASD is a lifelong disability, there are unique issues that arise in adolescence and adulthood, from diagnosis to services and supports.

Basic Information

Series of videos: Individuals living with FASD (mostly adolescents and adults)


Teen FASD awareness

Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Free Pregnancies

Enhancing employability for persons with FASD

FASD and homelessness

Living and succeeding with FASD (interdependent living)

Whitecrow Village

My Adult FASD Diagnosis:

Clarity for a Man and His Mom


Raising Adults with FASD

Dianne O'Connor

FASD and employment: Supporting adults with FASD on the job

How two generations coped with a FASD diagnosis

Calgary Herald


Call Me Mental (for Proof Alliance)

My Adult FASD Diagnosis:

Nothing Changed. And Everything Changed.


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Life with Disability

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


More than a Label

Myles Himmelreich (for POPFASD)

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