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MCFARES is now offering FASD Awareness T-shirts, focusing on three important things we can all do to support those with an FASD and their families:

Appreciate: Individuals with an FASD should be appreciated for exactly who they are...valuable members of society who offer a variety of strengths and often face a number of challenges and biases related to their disorder. 

Accommodate: Individuals with an FASD do best when the environment around them understands and accommodates them. We all do! Providing supports and accommodations leads to success and reduces secondary conditions associated with FASD.

Advocate: FASD is a relatively unknown and invisible disorder in society, despite the fact that it is 3 times more common than autism and 50 times more common than Down Syndrome. Advocacy is the best way to build awareness and supports for those with an FASD and their families, which will improve outcomes for all affected.

Purchase Info:

We are offering short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts for adults, a short-sleeve shirt for kids, and even an onesie for babies! Items come in a selection of colors and sizes.

100% of profits from sales are donated to MCFARES, which support our mission of Bridging the Gap for families and individuals with FASD in Michigan around FASD resources, education, and support.

Product is printed and shipped out to purchasers every 3 days (Please note: the "clock" on the page shows the time to the end of the current batch to be printed and will cycle to a new printing batch).


Shipping is affordable at $3.99 for your first shirt and $2.00 for each additional shirt in your order to the same address.

Support MCFARES through your purchase of our FASD Awareness T-shirt today!


MCFARES FASD Awareness T-shirts

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