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Purchase a MCFARES FASD Awareness T-shirt to wear with pride in your community, while supporting MCFARES mission of Bridging the Gap for those with an FASD and their families. Shirts for adults, kids, and babies available!

​​Looking for a support group in person in your area or online? Seeking information on services in your area? Click here to find resources around the state.

Interested in learning more about the diagnosis of FASD and why a diagnosis is an important part of you or your family member's short-term and long-term care plans?

There are many ways to support an individual with an FASD across the lifespan. Click here to learn more about evidenced-based and promising interventions and supports for FASD.

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FASD Awareness Month

September is FASD Awareness Month! Learn more about FASD and find information and handouts to share with those in your family and community.

Whether you are new to FASD or have been in the community for years, there is much to learn about FASD. With articles and videos posted from leading FASD resources from around the globe, you will discover what we now understand about this complex disorder here.

FASD events from around the state of Michigan.

FASD is a significant lifelong disability that is 100% preventable. Discover ways you can reduce the impact of FASD in society.

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