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MCFARES came about as a result of a call to action by Barb Wybrecht, parent of the first infant in the United States to be diagnosed with an FASD. In the spring of 2003, agencies and families came together to develop a plan to address the issue of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in Macomb County.

Since 2003, MCFARES has succeeded in gaining local, state, and national attention by providing training, support, information, and services for anyone impacted by FASD.

The Coalition strengthens served communities’ ability to eliminate prenatal alcohol exposure and provide support to persons and families impacted by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) by delivering exemplary professional education, public awareness, and support.

Mission of MCFARES

History of MCFARES

Vision Statement

Bridging the gap between individual needs and community services.

MCFARES offers our FASD News and Views quarterly newsletter, a Speakers Bureau, Family Support/Information, Support at IEP Meetings, monthly pot-luck dinner with families affected by FASDs, and two Facebook information groups (MI FASD private group and MCFARES public group). We are in the process of expanding MCFARES support statewide, to provide resources and information to all families in the state of Michigan.

Services and Supports

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