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Diagnosis of FASD

Diagnosis of FASD involves a very specific medical and developmental assessment protocol. In addition, there are a number of disorders that have similar characteristics to FASD that require diagnosticians to differentially diagnose appropriately.  

Screening, diagnosis, and assessment of FASD: Demonstration of the diagnostic exam

Dr. David Wargowski

How and Where FASD is Diagnosed

DSM-5 and FASD

Dr. Christine Lilley, POPFASD

Comparing ODD, ADHD, and FASD

Dr. Dan Dubovsky, POPFASD

The Relationship between FASD and ADHD

Dr. Gwendolyn Messer, Children's Research Triangle

What can happen if we don't get a diagnosis of FASD?

Dr. Raja Mukherjee

The role of the social worker in preventing, identifying, and treating FASD

NOFAS Webinar

Other Diagnostic Considerations

The dollars and sense of determining FASD prevalence: A Canadian perspective

Novel screening test for the behavioral phenotype


Fetal alcohol screening: Maternal hair sampling

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